Riding the Wave of Social Influencers to Increased Sales, More Loyal Customers

Starts: 11:15 am | Ends: 12:00 pm

Identifying and building relationships with individuals who have the social clout to influence the purchase decisions of others is an extremely powerful way for retailers to grow their customer bases. It’s been proven over and over again that consumers trust the opinions and reviews of their peers more than any retailer’s advertisement. Therefore, retailers must build out a strategy for leveraging the power of social influencers, particularly those within their vertical.

This session will address the following:
▪ how to identify the goals of your social influencer campaigns;
▪ tactics for finding the right influencers for your brand;
▪ the types of information you want to equip your influencers with so they can be most effective;
▪ how to measure the success (or failure) of your social influencer efforts; and
▪ much more!

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