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If you have any questions or problems registering online, please let us know:

• CALL: 215-238-5300


• FAX: (215) 238-5412

What are the System requirements for attending Virtual Shows?
Flash Player: or higher
Server Accessibility: Proxy and Firewall permissions open
Cookies: Support and enabled
Browser: Internet Explorer 6.x, Firefox 2.x, Safari 2.x, Chrome 8.x
OS/Browser Combination: Windows with Internet Explorer, Windows with Firefox, Windows with Chrome, Mac with Safari, Mac with Firefox, Mac with Chrome, Linux with Firefox
Screen Resolution: 1024×768 or higher
Bandwidth: 500 Kbps or higher

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Are Virtual Shows secure websites?

Yes, attendees can only get into a show with email/password authentication which is setup during the Registration process.

Is my real identity protected?
Yes, your real identity (the information you provided during registration) is never given out to other attendees. All that others get to see is the information you choose to share with your profile. You may change your profile settings from the ‘My Profile’ button on the navigation bar along the bottom of your screen. The only way someone can get your real identity is if they acquire your V-Card which is sent to them only after you grant permission.

As an attendee, what are the benefits of attending Virtual Shows?
There are a lot!
• Attend live shows free
• Attend show archives if you miss the real thing
• Lots of social networking opportunities – group chats, community rating of show content, message boards, private chats and in-show email.
• Personalized experience – enjoy the show at your pace, at your place. Organize and bookmark content, receive personal recommendations for content and much more.
• Information! Information! Information! – Information is available in a central resource center and/or or company specific resources are accessible through Booths.
• Easy to search for content and people

Do Virtual Shows retain the elements of traditional shows?
More than just a library of webcasts and resources in a website – the elements unique to a tradeshow are made available – the interactivity with other attendees and tradeshow staff, the prizes and giveaways, discussion boards, greetings, briefcase, show agenda etc.

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